• Wednesday, 5. October 2022 22:19


Mandatory add-ons can be found in Discord: #sigma_loot_addon

Sign-ups are to help the raid leaders organize and prepare accordingly. Please ensure you sign up or off and communicate to the best of your abilities.

A player’s ability to self sign up will close 24 hours before the raid, during which time the raid leaders will finalize selections. If you have missed this window, please reach out on discord to the raid leader. Selections will be posted on the website.

Criteria for selections:

1) Raid composition
2) Priority to Raiders > Reserves > Members
3) Rotating raiders to give everyone raiding time fairly.

Backup Status:

Make yourself available for contact by the Raid Leader or Loot Master, whether it’s via Discord, tells, or guild chat. Respond to Raid Leader/Master Looter when messaged.

If you are on backup, you are required to be able to respond for the entire duration of the raid, including the invite window.
- You don't need to be in-game at all; you need to be able to respond via discord.
- Must be available to be summoned immediately.
- We will wait 5 min for a response. Backup EP will be removed if there is no response.

Requirements for earning EP as a Backup Player: Sign up as usual and be selected as a “Backup” by the Raid Leader. You can also request to go on backup, but keep in mind that this request may not be granted.


Once content is on farm, we will consider Members and non-raid designated characters. We find that this gives our guild-mates an opportunity to experience the game from different perspectives, and can often times assist with filling raids, and comp during farmed content.

That said those players will need to sign up, be selected, and be prepared for the content in question (Gear, Enchants, Consumables) as well as meet the needs of the raid. The final decision on allowing that specific character falls to the Raid Leader.

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