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Mandatory Add Ons can be found in Discord: #sigmaloot_addon_and_rules. Please ensure you have them, and they are up to date when you sign up.

  • Sigma has our own Loot Addon. Manual installation required

Signups are to help the raid leaders organize and prepare accordingly, making changes and swaps as necessary.  A player’s ability to self sign up will close 24 hours before the raid, during which time the raid leaders will finalize selections. If you have missed this window, please reach out on discord to Tako or Elenmir. Please ensure you sign up or off and communicate to the best of your abilities. 

We understand that not everyone can - or will - make every raid. As a result, Raiders will occasionally be required to learn different roles and be flexible in their approach as we work out strategies and adapt as needed.

Confirmed and backup spots will be selected on the website. All marked Confirmed, and those in the backup will gain full raid EP. If you do not sign up and there are already people on backup for your role, you will not be a backup, nor will you earn EP for the raid.

Criteria for selections: 

1) Hitting raid composition: 5 tanks | 12 healers | 23 Ranged/Melee DPS (and additional specialty composition as required by specific encounters).

2) Rotating people to give everyone raiding time fairly.

Backup Status:

  • Raider backups will earn 100% of the EP earned for the night. Make yourself available for contact by the Raid Leader or Loot Master, whether it’s via Discord, tells, or guild chat. Be ready in front of the instance for a seamless transition when called upon. Respond to Raid Leader/Master Looter when messaged. 
  • Backups will be called up by 7:20 ST to fill unless there has been a previous notification from those Confirmed. If you are on backup, you are required to be online from 7:20 ST through 8:30 ST, then available to respond to Discord pings/PMs.
  • If you leave before the 60-minute window, you will not earn Backup EP for the night. Requirements for earning EP as a Backup Player: Sign up as usual and be selected as a “Backup” by the Raid Leader. You can also request to go on backup, but keep in mind that this request may not be granted, and keep an eye on the calendar leading up to raid times.
  • If you are a "Raider,” you will not be asked to be a backup in consecutive raids. 
  • Members will not earn EP as a backup.  


  • We welcome Members and Alts for our farm content. It gives our guild members a chance to experience the game from a different perspective, especially if you fill in for a different role. That being said, we respect everyone’s time. Decisions on selections will remain focused on raid needs first and foremost: if tanks or healer Raiders can not make it, we will fill those roles with capable, geared Raider alts before looking at DPS roles/members.

    Outside of those necessary changes, we have a soft cap of five alts or members to maintain our efficiency. The soft cap may be adjusted higher if the Confirmed Members or Alts are already pulling their weight.

    An OTL will first verify all alts and members before attending the previous tier raids. 
  • Irregular roster differences (such as alts or members attending and character swaps) will be communicated in Discord in the #raid_discussion channel.

Loot/Boss/Swapping Characters:

Say person XYZ needs only one item from farmed content but is more than happy to sit backup to allow other raiders/members/alts to get more experience. We accommodate swaps! One swap per person.  Normal loot rules apply within our EPGP system.

The Method:

Notify the Raid Leader a day in advance of who is leaving and who will replace the person. Any swaps must be first cleared by the OTL team ahead of time.

During the raid - Self Serve System:

  • Person leaving: 
    • Whisper Tako or Elenmir: "I am leaving, XYZ is coming in."
      Leave the actual Raid/Party, then hearth out
  • The person joining, already waiting outside of instance portal: 
    • Whisper "meow" to Tako or Elenmir for invite and zone in
      ask for a summon
  • If the first person is swapping back in, they need to make their way back to the dungeon and repeat steps 1 & 2. 

Communication is key. Do not miss a boss because you are not here for it. (Consequently, missing the boss’s EP.)


Thank you to everyone who provided input on our sign up, approval, alts/members, swap processes. We aim to lead you to infinity (well, Naxx) and beyond! These guidelines are made with our raiders in mind. Our goal will always be providing the smoothest raid experience while being Dadcore enough to clear content and crush progression. We wouldn't be here without your help. 

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