• Thursday, 1. October 2020 15:23

Thank you so much to everyone who provided input on how we manage people sitting on standby during raid nights when we have had more than 40 people sign up. We know with family vacations and normal day to day life, not everyone can make every raid. To make sure we can keep our raids and events going, we need to have backups available that can come in these cases. That way we can keep the raid groups running at full strength. Our goals in the plan are: 

1) Make sure we can maintain a full raid with the right balance of Tanks/DPS/Healers 

2) Fairly compensate people for being online and available, even if there isn't room for them in the current raid. 3) Build a framework that will work for current and future raids. We have received feedback from our members and are going to move forward with the below plan.

“Backup” Plan for Raids - Signups will be closed 24 hours before the raid and the raid leaders will make selections shortly afterward. Confirmed/Backup spots will be selected on the website. EP will be awarded to Raiders or Members that are marked as "Backup" by Raid Leader Confirmed/Backup spots will be selected based on the following criteria: 

1) Filling the raid composition of Tanks/DPS/Healers (Target general composition is 4 Tanks| 26 DPS | 10 Healers | There is some flexibility depending on the instance) 

2) Volunteer Requests. Add a note when Signing Up to volunteer to be on backup. 

3) Trying to rotate people to fairly give everyone play time 

4) If you are a "Raider" you will not be asked to sit in back to back raids. Backups will earn 100% of the EP earned for the night. If you leave early, you stop earning EP - same as anyone inside the instance. Requirements for earning EP as a Backup Player: Sign up, as usual, and be selected as a “Backup” by the Raid Leader. Make yourself available - if required to come to the instance have a plan for getting them quickly. (Hearth nearby, parked toon, whatever - be available to come in on short notice.) Respond to Raid Leader/Master Looter when messaged. We will try to reach out to you via Discord, Whisper, and/or Guild chat when bosses die and/or semi-regular intervals.


Q: What if someone who is already Confirmed notifies an Officer they can't make the raid before start time? 

A: No selections change on the website. The Raid Leader will pull a Backup to fill the open spot when the raid invites start. 

Q: When does a newer member get into the current phase's content? 

A: Once the instance is on "Farm". We consider an instance on "Farm" when we are cleanly clearing it week after week. 

Q: Will everyone who is signed-up but not Confirmed be marked as Backup? 

A: Everyone at Raider rank will have the opportunity to earn EP on raid nights. If we have 46 raiders sign up, all 6 that are not marked as confirmed will be selected as a backup. Players at the Member rank will not automatically be selected for backup if they are not confirmed - this will be based on need. 

Q: As a Newer Player will I never see new content? 

A: You won't be a Newer Player forever! As you get gear and experience with the guild, you will become an experienced player. 

Q: When will backups be invited if confirmed members no-show? 

A: Raid spots will be held for confirmed members until raid start (typically 7:30 PM). Exceptions may be made if raid leader has been notified ahead of time that you will be logging on at pull time/a little late. 

Q: Is this final? 

A: No. We want your feedback! We will adjust this based on the feedback and input we get from the guild.

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