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Sigma’s Definition of Dadcore™

Good players coming prepared for raid nights. We expect people to understand their class and role in the raid. Raiding is supposed to be fun and everyone should be putting forth equal amounts of effort, as much as we can. We will never be world first/server first, nor will we be aiming for speed runs, but we want to clear content in a reasonable time and have fun doing it.


Official Raid Nights: 

Tuesday and Thursday

7:00 PM Invites go out and Backups park in front of the instance

7:20 PM Main’s online, zoned in, and backups invited to fill in the Raid

7:25 PM Zone in and prep/buffs

7:30 PM Ready check and pull (Earn On-time bonus EP)

10:30 PM End of Raid, or when RL calls it (Earn End of Raid EP)

We don’t expect 100% attendance, however, keep in mind that we will manage our roster of Raiders to ensure a full 40 man raid on Raid Nights (Tues/Thur) and will recruit more if needed. Please understand that this will pose difficult questions when we need to pare down or request more people to be on backup if we have spotty attendance. For those who disappear without notice or communication for about 3-4 weeks will be demoted back to Member and would be up for immediate re-evaluation after they come back.

Off-Night Raids are 100% optional.


Preparation and Performance:

Raid Logs tell us so much more than just DPS and HPS. Other aspects we pay attention to but not limited to performance like:

- What spells or skills are you using?

- Who is pulling what/when?

- Decurses/dispels/cleansing etc

- Needless deaths

- Positioning

- Timely buffing of the raid

...and much more.


Progression Raids: (Currently AQ) -> Naxx

- Try your best to get one of the world buffs that happen frequently: Ony/Nef Head, Heart of Hakkar

- Flasks: Optional, but would be helpful.

- Top-tier Consumables for every attempt (Required): Mongoose, Mageblood, Troll’s Blood, Greater Arcane Elixir, Foods, etc. We will call out when we have learning attempts and real attempts to save on pots, preparation is required.

- Top-tier Enchants (Required): By this time we should have gear worthy of top tier enchants, ZG shoulder enchants


Proficient Raids: AQ40

- Try your best to get one of the world buffs that happen frequently: Ony/Nef Head, Heart of Hakkar

- Flasks: Optional

- Mid-tier consumables (Recommended): Elixir of Greater Agility, Elixir of Sup. Def, Giants, Arcane Elixir, Foods, etc. Zanza pot is an easy boost for 1 Bijou.

- Mid-tier Enchants (Required): some of us may have dungeon blues that could use enchants, these are generally less expensive, ZG shoulder enchants


Farm Raids: BWL, MC, ZG/AQ20, Ony

- World Buffs, Flasks, Consumables, Foods: Optional

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