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Sigma’s Definition of Dadcore:

Good players coming prepared for raid nights. We expect people to understand their class and role in the raid. Raiding is supposed to be fun, and everyone should be putting forth equal amounts of effort. We will never be a world-first/server first, nor will we be aiming for speed runs, but we want to clear content in a reasonable time and have fun doing it.

Dadcore recognizes that real life may make a player unavailable from time to time. We don’t expect 100% attendance. Therefore, to ensure a full 25 players on Raid Nights we will recruit more than 25 raiders. Please understand that this will require raiders to be on backup, we realize this is undesired, but necessary.

Those who disappear without notice or communication for 3 weeks will be demoted Reserves and would be up for re-evaluation after they come back.

Off-Night Raids are 100% optional.

Preparation and Performance:

As a part of Dadcore, we require that you have a basic understanding of your class for every fight. We ask that all raiders be respectful of other's time, this means is following mechanics and instructions at all times. While we all enjoy large numbers and seeing ourselves at the top of the chart, this should never come at the expense of the raid. (Examples: ignoring dispels or attacking the wrong target to boost meters)

We expect all Raiders to execute on:

  • Rotation - spell/skill usage
  • Threat control - don’t pull off tanks
  • Decurses/Dispels/Cleanses
  • CC tracking - CC if asked and not to break other CCs
  • Positioning / Mechanics
  • Active throughout the raid without excessive AFKing
  • Consumables - the list is below:
    - Flasks or (Battle & Guardian Elixirs)
    - Weapon Oil / Stone / Poisons
    - Mana pots for casters
  • Top-tier Enchants


Application Process:

If you are interested in seeking a full Raider slot, talk to an Officer about applying to join Sigma.

We are always looking for exceptional players, whether or not we currently have an available position. We hold all our Raiders to a higher standard than our Members, not just in terms of consumables and availability but also in their conduct.
You will be asked to attend a minimum of three full raid lockouts of 25 man events, where our officer team will look over your performance. We understand the first week might be rocky due to learning our strats or maybe even just a bad week, so a few weeks should help smooth out those bumps and give us a good basis to judge. During this time, you will be earning EPGP and able to bid on loot.

After the three weeks, we will go over your compatibility with Sigma and provide feedback. Ideally, at this time, we will be able to congratulate you on your new Raider rank and responsibilities, but every player is unique. As a result, sometimes, this process may take longer.
We look forward to having you on our team!

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