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EPGP Rules


EPGP Basics

EP stands for Effort Points.  EP is the measure of effort each member puts towards 25 man raid content on scheduled raid nights.

  • EP for being present at raid start and present at raid end: 100
  • EP per boss-kill as follows:  100 Mag/Grull, 200 SSC/Eye, 300 Hyjal/BT, 400 SWP

GP stands for Gear Points.  GP measures the amount of loot each member has obtained.

  • Each piece of gear from the raid has a pre-set, transparent GP cost

PR stands for Loot Priority, the raider with the highest PR wins the item

  • PR is determined by a ratio of EP to GP (PR = EP / GP)

Bid Types: Bid type trumps PR(MS > Alt > OS)

  • MS, 100% gear points, covering:
    • Any MS piece you will use a majority of the time, up to and including BiS
  • AltMS, 25% gear points, covering:
    • Any MS piece that will be used situationally (hit gear, side grade, raid buff dependant, etc)
    • Any MS piece that will favor PvP usage
    • Ranged bidding on melee items; melee bidding on ranged items
    • Alts bidding MS
  • OS, 5% gear points, covering:
    • Any true OS piece
    • Any true Alt's OS piece
    • Duplicate pieces
    • Obviously non-raid (vendorstrike-esque)

EPGP Expanded concepts

Earning EP

  • 100% EP awarded for all raid attendees, regardless of the current status: raider, reserve, member or trial
  • While on backup (not in the raid) EP will be earned at a rate of: 100% for raiders, 60% for reserves, 60% for members if selected
  • Once a backup player has entered the raid, that backup player will be earning EP for the full night
  • If a player has to leave the raid for any reason (other than a pre-arranged swap for gear drop or RL request for comp change), no EP is awarded for the remainder of the raid.

Base GP

  • All raiders have a base GP value of 1000 P1, 2000 P2, 3000 P3, 4000 P5
  • Base GP prevents new recruits from trumping dedicated, active members
  • The GP of each member is (GP = BaseGP + LootGP)

Decay (on Tues 9 am of each week)

  • All raiders’ EP and LootGP decay 15% per week, every Tuesday.  Decay prevents inactive members from trumping dedicated, active members.  Decay weights recent contributions higher than past contributions

Roll-off:  all raiders’ EP and LootGP will only be considered within the past 13 weeks

  • Any raids participated in >13 weeks ago, or any loot taken >13 weeks ago, will no longer count towards EPGP calculations

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we not discount GP for passed items?

  • This keeps the spirit of the EPGP system as fair as possible; one of the primary benefits of EPGP is that items maintain a set cost that is the same over time and the same for every player
  • What we cannot do is to “discount” items that have been passed on during the raid; this sets a bad precedent - the idea that one can pass on an item to receive it for less creates bad behavior for some and that’s enough to disturb the system of equitable loot/gear distribution
  • A player that obtains a piece of loot/gear SHOULD wait for others to obtain something as well before the original player gets something else - this is how the system is meant to properly work

Can the GP values for items be debated?

  • Absolutely - but not arbitrarily.  Check out the #math on GP calculation (in FAQ) and suggest an edit to one of the officers - if it has merit, the officers are open to changing it.
  • This will be done before the raid (not during a raid when something has been passed)
  • This will apply to ALL items, past, and future if a change is made

Is there any other way to earn EP, like donating gold/pots/mats to the guild?

  • No, raid effort, and effort points, cannot be bought except by time spent in the raid

Is the decay & roll-off necessary?

  • We feel it is - it protects the more dedicated and active members and is a necessary step for the system to work properly
  • It prevents point hoarding, even for dedicated and active members
    • This allows newer raiders to catch up much more quickly, as historical EP decays
  • It is relative and everyone is decayed / rolled equally

What other pieces have had GP reduced, so far?

  • Resistance Gear - items, where the sole usefulness comes from their Resistance attribute, have been reduced to 0gp (MC: Fireguard Shoulders & Fireproof Cloak, BWL: Black Ash Robe & Emberweave Leggings)

What are the formulas used to calculate GP?

  • ItemGP = 1000 x 2 ^ ((ilevel - 66)/10) x ItemScale x TierModifier
  • ItemScale as follows:
    • [1.00] Head, Chest, Legs
    • [0.75] Shoulder, Hands, Feet, Waist
    • [0.56] Wrist, Back, Neck, Finger
    • [0.50] Off-hand
    • [1.25] Trinket
    • [1.50] One-handed weapon/shield
    • [2.00] Two-handed weapon
    • [0.75] TierModifier (does not apply to tokens)

How is Decay calculated?

  • Current EP = Earned EP x (1 - 15%) ^ (number of weeks old)
  • Current GP = 1000 + Loot GP x (1 - 15%) ^ (number of weeks old)

Can trials obtain loot?

  • Yes, regardless if you are a Member/Trial/Reserve/Raider, EP will be earned for raid time contributed.  However, even if you have zero priority, you can still obtain upgrades (just not before someone with higher priority).  Also, any new Sigma-ite cannot obtain a highly contested item as their first win.

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