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Atiesh number three! Grats Verato!!!

7. September 2021 - written by tikan at 22:36 • 0 Comments

Naxx Baby!

3. December 2020 - written by tikan at 22:57 • 0 Comments

Only took one screenshot because we were having so much fun last night. Grats to Dyno on starting the Atiesh questline. Also good luck to whomever has the most PR when splinter number 11 drops....

Can't wait to get back in there on Tuesday!

AQ40 Clear

17. September 2020 - written by tikan at 22:00 • 0 Comments

We forgot to take a picture but I thought it was important to recognize the true heroes of the night.


18. August 2020 - written by tikan at 08:24 • 0 Comments

Congrats Scarab Lord Verato on acquiring the first Sigma legendary. Get some rest! 

Congratulations Coho

2. February 2020 - written by tikan at 19:15 • 0 Comments

Let's all extend a huge congratulations to Coho who has been promoted to Team Leader. He has demonstrated all the things we look for in a leader. Along with organizing our pug Ony runs on off weeks, he regularly extends help to guildies with quests, dungeons, and assistance with gearing and specs. Thanks so much for being a great mentor and leader.

Coho joins our excellent group of Team Leaders alongside Arrhenius, Demonesque, Dynomache, Grengen, and Vaikor.

Sigma is Recruiting

31. December 2019 - written by tikan at 12:47 • 0 Comments

Sigma is a World of Warcraft: Classic raiding guild that has it roots planted in Vanilla. Built from the ashes of a former raiding guild, Sigma is comprised of around a dozen members that raided together through Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath along with many people we have played with in the years since. Our intention is to complete all Classic content and have fun while doing it.

Full time raiding will begin in 2020 as our ranks continue to fill up.

If you are interested in joining a guild with a focus on raiding while still having a good time, hit the apply button on the left side of the page and hop on our discord for more details. 

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